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Latin 102

Elementary Latin: Second Semester

Spring, 2001

Instructor: William Hutton

Office: Morton 326

Phone: 221-2993

e-mail: wehutt@wm.edu

Office hours: MWF 10-11 a.m. and by appointment.

Time and place of Class: Section 01: MWF 9:00 - 9:50, Morton 343; Section 02: MWF 10:00 - 10:50, Morton 343.

Tutorial (Lat 102L) time and place: TBA

Important Electronic Addresses:

Class web page: http://www.wm.edu/CAS/classical_studies/wehutt/L102.html

Class e-mail list: latin-l@wm.edu

Instructor's e-mail address: wehutt@wm.edu

Course Description:

This is a continuation of Latin 101. We will finish the remaining chapters of Wheelock's textbook, and in the course of doing so gradually introduce more and more passages of REAL (or only slightly doctored) Latin written by real Latin authors such as Cicero, Catullus, Caesar, Vergil, Seneca, etc.

Required Textbooks:

F.M. Wheelock, Wheelock's Latin, Revised by R.A. LaFleur, ed. (SIXTH EDITION, HarperCollins, 2000).

A.H. Groton and J.M. May, Thirty-Eight Latin Stories (FIFTH EDITION, Bolchazy-Carducci, 1995)

A. Cumming and M.W. Blundell, Auricula Meretricula

Optional Textbook:

N. Goldman, English Grammar for Students of Latin (2d Edition, Olivia Hill Press, 1983)

Assignments and Grading:

Your grade will be calculated as follows:

Class Participation:


Exercises and Assignments:


Quizzes (best 7 out of 8):


Midterm Exam:


Final Exam:


NOTE: Your grade will be calculated on a strictly numerical basis and converted to letter grades on the following scale: 93-100 = A; 89-92 = A-; 85-88=B+; 81-84 = B; 77-80 = B-; 74-76 = C+; 71-73 = C; 68-70 = C-; 64-67 = D+; 60-63 = D; 55-59= D-; Below 55 = F.


Explanation of Grade Components:

Class participation: Includes attendance, preparation, and participation in class activities. Your grade for class participation will be adversely affected by the following (this is not an exhaustive list): Missing class or tutorial without a very good reason, frequent tardiness, obvious lack of preparation, frequently sleeping in class (particularly if you snore), eating noisy food in class; in general, being inconsiderate.

ATTENDANCE POLICY: Language learning is a communal activity, and students who miss classes tend to return in such a state of cluelessness that it slows everybody else down. Your attendance is therefore not only encouraged but required. You may miss ONE class with no penalty and no questions asked. For any subsequent absence, you must provide me with a satisfactory explanation WITHIN 48 HOURS of your absence or I will subtract one percentage point from your overall grade. Any student who amasses more than five unexcused absences WILL BE GIVEN AN "F" FOR THE COURSE. Showing up for class more than 15 minutes late without a compelling reason counts as an absence. You remain, of course, responsible for any material covered and assignments given or handed in on days that you miss, even if your absence is an excused one.

Exercises and assignments: Exercises from the textbook will be collected occasionally, but not every time. You should be ready to hand all assignments given from the textbook and from supplementary sources on the date for which they are assigned. From time to time you will also be given additional assignments, such as supplementary exercises, short compositions in Latin, pronunciation exercises, etc.

Midterm Exam and Final Exam: will have the same basic format, and will include the following elements: Translation of short sentences from Latin to English, translation of even shorter sentences from English to Latin, exercises on grammatical forms and translation of long paragraphs from English to Latin.

About the Tutorial Section: All students must sign up concurrently for Latin 102L, which is a tutorial session that meets once per week. The time and place for this tutorial will be determined after the first week of classes, once we all know what our schedules look like. In these sessions we will do additional drills and exercises and read from the Thirty-Eight Stories book for practice reading extended passages in Latin. This will also be a time for you to ask for more help on things that you are having trouble with. Attendance at tutorials is REQUIRED except for those who earn a grade of "A" (93% or better) on the most recent quiz. Even for those students, attendance at tutorial is highly recommended.

IMPORTANT: Policy on Late Assignments and Make-ups:

No late assignments will be accepted. Make-ups for the quizzes or the midterm exams will be granted only under dire and verifiable circumstances, and under no circumstances will make-ups be arranged more than once in the course of the semester for any individual. Special arrangements for the final exam, if necessary, will have to be arranged through the College. I have no authority to make such arrangements.


TENTATIVE CLASS SCHEDULE: There will probably be some changes in the schedule of which chapters we will cover on each day, but the following things will remain constant: 1) Quizzes WILL occur as scheduled below; 2) The MIDTERM EXAMS will occur as scheduled below; 3) The FINAL EXAM will occur as scheduled by the College.

Week 1

Jan 17 Review

Jan 19 Review; Vocab Quiz 1-5

Week 2

Jan 22 Review; Vocab Quiz 6-10

Jan 24 Review; Vocab Quiz 11-15

Jan 26 QUIZ I (Review Quiz); Chapter XXII

Week 3

Jan 29 Chapter XXII

Jan 31 Chapter XXIII

Feb 2 Chapter XXIII

Week 4

Feb 5 Chapter XXIV

Feb 7 Chapter XXIV

Feb 9 QUIZ II Chapter XXV

Week 5

Feb 12 Chapter XXV

Feb 14 Chapter XXV

Feb 16 QUIZ III; Chapter XXVI

Week 6

Feb 19 Chapter XXVI, XXVII

Feb 21 Chapter XXVIII

Feb 23 QUIZ IV; Chapter XXVIII

Week 7

Feb 26 Chapter XXIX

Feb 28 Chapter XXIX; review


Mar 5 - 9: SPRING BREAK (Whoopee!)


Week 8

Mar 12 Chapter XXX

Mar 14 Chapter XXX

Mar 16 Chapter XXXI

Week 9

Mar 19 Chapter XXXI

Mar 21 Chapter XXXII

Mar 23 Chapter XXXII, QUIZ V

Week 10

Mar 26 Chapter XXXIII

Mar 28 Chapter XXXIII,

Mar 30 Chapter XXXIV

Week 11

Apl 2 Chapter XXXIV

Apl 4 Chapter XXXV

Apl 6 Chapter XXXV QUIZ VI

Week 12

Apl 9 Chapter XXXVI

Apl 11 Chapter XXXVI

Apl 13 Chapter XXXVII

Week 13

Apl 16 Chapter XXXVIII

Apl 18 Chapter XXXIX

Apl 20 Chapter XXXIX; QUIZ VII

Week 14

Apl 23 Chapter XL

Apl 25 Latin Readings

Apl 27 Latin Readings QUIZ VIII


Section 1: Tuesday, May 8, 2001: 8:30 a.m.

Section 2: Wednesday, May 9, 2001: 1:30 p.m.