CIV 150W: Ancient and Modern Travel Writers

Instructor:              Office Hours:
W.E Hutton                       MW 12-1 p.m.
Morton 326                       TR 12:30 - 1:20 p.m.
221-2993                         and by appointment.

Time and Place of Class: T-Th 11:00 - 12:20, Morton 329

Required Texts:
L. Casson, Travel in the Ancient World
J. Eisner, Travellers to an Antique Land
M. Wortley Montagu, The Turkish Embassy Letters
A. Kinglake, Eothen

Course Description:  In addition to giving the reader 
vicarious pleasure, travel literature can be a powerful 
means of defining and exploring both cultural and personal identity.  
This couse will introduce students to the study of travel literature 
through accounts of travel in the eastern Mediterrnean and the Near East (Greece, Turkey, Egypt, the Holy Lands).  
We will begin with the earliest European travel literature (Homer and 
Herodotus) and work our way up to the 1990's.  This course is a 
WRITING INTENSIVE course; students will write a small paper nearly 
every week and will also write two substantial research papers on travel 
writers of their choice.

  Components of your Grade:
     Class participation:               15%
     Weekly assignments                 20% (in all)
     Minor Research Paper               25% (in all)
     Major Research Paper               40%
          (no final exam)

     Class Participation: Active participation is welcome and 
expected from all students in each class session.  Poor attendance  and 
obvious lack of preparation will affect this part of your grade negatively.  
Weekly assignment: typically a brief 1-2 page written report on
varying topics related to what is being discussed in class. Minor Research 
Paper: A 1500-word research paper on a topic to be agreed upon  with the 
instructor.  One draft required.  Term Paper: 2500-3000 word research paper on a topic to be agreed upon with the instructor.  
Two drafts required.
     Your overall grade will be calculated on a percentage basis and  converted 
to a letter grade at the end of the semester.  The conversion will operate as 
follows: 93-100% = A; 89 - 92% = A-; 85-88% = B+; 81-84% = B; 78 - 80% = 
B-; 74-77% = C+; 70 - 73% = C; 65 - 69% = C-; 61-64% = D+ ; 57 - 60 = D; 
53 - 56 = D-; below 53% = F
Policy on Unusual Circumstances:
No make-ups or special arrangements for papers and assignments will be granted 
without verifiable evidence of severe personal affliction.  If 
circumstances prevent you from meeting deadlines, you  must notify 
me of your situation within 48 hours of the deadline, otherwise no special ar-
rangements will be made.

If I have not arrived at the classroom by ten minutes past the starting-time 
of the class, you may assume that class is cancelled.

This schedule is subject to change, so find some way to keep abreast of things 
if you can't make it to class.  Changes will be posted to the class web 
page as soon as possible. 

Jan  22   Introduction

PART I: Ancient Travellers

Jan  27-29     The Beginnings, Homer's Odyssey as travel literature

Feb  3-5       Nausea and Bedbugs: the conditions of ancient travel

     10-12     Herodotus: The first travel writer?

     17-19     Pausanias, Herakleides and other travel guides
          {Proposal for 1st paper due: Feb. 17}

     24-26     Travel parody: Lucian and others
          {Draft of 1st paper due: Feb 24}

Mar  3-5  The birth of Christian pilgrimage: Egeria
          {First paper due, March 5}

     10-13     SPRING BREAK
              (no classes)

     17-19     Late Medieval and Early Modern travellers: Europe and the Orient
	       Readings from Moryson, Randolph and others.
          {Proposal for final paper due: March 19}

     24-26     A woman's view: Lady Mary's letters

Part IV: Hellenistic and Roman Women

     31-2 Painters and Poets: Travellers in the 19th Century
          Readings from Leake, Lear, Twain, etc.

     6-8  The twilight of orientalism: Alexander Kinglake 
	  {First Draft of Final Paper Due: Apl. 8}

     14-16     The twentieth Century: travelling through war and upheaval
	       Readings from Fermor and Andrews
     21-23     The latest travellers 
	       {Second Draft of Final Paper Due: Apl 23}       

     28-30     Term paper discussions

Monday, May 4: Term Papers Due 

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