The following questions are linked to images. Try to answer the questions using your knowledge of the iconography of Classical mythology.

To take the quiz, read the question and then click on the IMAGE link to see the image. When you think you know the answer, use your browser's BACK key to come back here and click on the ANSWER link to see if you are right.  CAUTION:  Some of the images have captions which identify the figures.  You can cheat by looking at the captions, but you won't learn as much that way.  Do your best to focus  on the images as they come up on the screen.

This quiz was compiled using the excellent collection of mythological images maintained by Prof. Laurel Bowman at the Unversity of Victoria.  I encourage you to visit this site to see other images and other mythological materials: Some of the images are housed at the Perseus web site, which is also a highly recommended repository of classical information and images: Most of the images are protected by copyright laws, so look at, but DO NOT COPY the images.

1.  Who's the seated gentlemen, and who is the young man in front of him? IMAGE. ANSWER.

2.  Name the figure on the right. IMAGE. ANSWER.

3.  Name the figure second from the right. IMAGE. ANSWER.

4.  Name the three figures in this painting. IMAGE. ANSWER.

5.  Identify all the figures in this scene. IMAGE. ANSWER.

6.  Of the two central figures in this vase painting, who is the god on the right? IMAGE. ANSWER.

7.  Which god is here portrayed inside his temple? IMAGE. ANSWER.

8. Identify the figures and the scene portrayed here. IMAGE. ANSWER.

9. a) Who is the main character in this vase painting (highlited with white paint)? b) Who are the characters on the far right and the far left? IMAGE. ANSWER.

10.  Which goddess is portrayed in this rather sketchy painting? IMAGE. ANSWER.

11 . Who's the god on the horse to the right? IMAGE. ANSWER.

12.  Who are the divine characters in this Roman wall painting? IMAGE. ANSWER.

13.  Who is this seated god. IMAGE. ANSWER.

14.  Who is the figure on the left in this painting? IMAGE. ANSWER.

15.  Try not to read the Greek captions, and identify the two gods to the left and right of the central figure by looks alone. IMAGE. ANSWER.

16.  Who is the god pictured here? IMAGE. ANSWER.

17. Name this goddess. IMAGE. ANSWER.

18.  Who is the god in the center of this painting? IMAGE. ANSWER.

19  Who is the deity in the center of this drawing? IMAGE. ANSWER.

20. Name this goddess. IMAGE. ANSWER.

21.  Name the god on the left, and see if you can figure out who the fellow on the donkey is. IMAGE. ANSWER.

22.  Name this god. IMAGE. ANSWER.