CIV/WMST 315 Final Exam Guide

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FINAL EXAM DATE AND TIME: Tuesday May 8, 1:30 pm (in Morton 302).


Your final exam will consist of three equally-weighted essays. I recommend you take 30 minutes per essay, though you may have the entire 3-hour period if you need it.

PART I: You will be asked to write on one of the following questions (both questions will appear as options). The highest grades will be given to clear and coherent essays that back up their assertions with specific examples drawn from material we have covered throughout the semester:

1. What can physical remains and the analysis of archaeological materials add to our knowledge about the lives of women in antiquity? Does this material provide a source of information independent from the male-authored literary sources we've been studying, or is the literary evidence crucial for the interpretation of the archaeological?

2. Discuss the role of female deities in Greek and Roman religion and mythology. Does the relationship between male and female gods mirror the relationship between male and female humans, or is religion one area where the feminine is given true respect and power in Greek and Roman society.

PART II: Three of the five topics you chose from among your fellow students' report topics will be on the exam. You will write on two.