CIV/WMST 315 Schedule of Oral Reports and Readings

RA= Article on Reserve at Swem; RB=Book on Reserve at Swem

Tuesday, April 3

 1) Gender in Ancient Society: The theories of Michel Foucault (Andrew Ridenour)
  Shadows: Meghan & Molly
"Introduction: The History of Sexuality" by Larmour et al. (RA)
"Why is Diotima a Woman" by David Halperin (RA)
 2) Female Homoeroticism; (Erin Caro)
Shadows: Jen Wood & Stacy


"Positions for Classicists, or Why Feminists Should Care about Queer Theory" by Kirk Ormand
Online at: tima/essays/ormand96.shtml
Wilson, Sappho's Sweetbitter Song pp. 42-46; 68-86 (RB)
Snyder, Lesbian Desire in the Lyrics of Sappho pp. 1-3; 27-61.
 3) Kinship Patterns (Crystal Campbell)
Shadows: Aly Barker & Marie-Therese


"Blood Ties and Semen Times" (RA)
"Families in Multicultural Perspective" (RA)

Thursday April 5

 1) Women in Ancient China (Jennifer Morgan)
Shadows: Abby/Sarah
Packet entitled "Ancient China" (RA)
 2) Women in the Ancient New World (Stacy Jerolaman)
  Shadows: Ali McMahan/Meghan
Packet entitled "Mayans" (RA)
3) Women in the Old Testament (Dee Fritz)
Shadows: Halima/Grace
Readings from the Old Testament:
The Book of Judges
The Book of Ruth
1 Samuel 1-12
Tuesday April 10
 1) Women in Athenian Law (Eric Garcia)
Shadows: Lareina/Betsy
Readings: Packet entitled "Athenian Law" (RA)
 2) Aspasia (Aly Barker)
Shadows:  Jen Wood/Crystal
Readings: Packet entitled "Aspasia" (RA)
 3) Virgin Sacrifice in Greek tragedy (Emily Tatum)
  Shadows: Sarah/Ali McMahan
  Readings: Packet entitled "Virgin Sacrifice" (RA)

Thursday April 12

 1) The character of Electra in Greek tragedy (Amber Normandin)
Shadows: Lareina/Betsy
Readings: (All on Reserve in books, and in many other copies elsewhere in the library)
Aeschylus, Choephoroi (also known as Libation Bearers)
Sophocles, Electra
Euripides, Electra
 2) Women in the Cult of Dionysus (Meghan Kline)
Shadows: Dee/Grace
 3) The Cult of Isis (Mary Linn Bergstrom)
Shadows: Jen Morgan/Abby
  Isis Among the Romans: Read selectively (RB)
Goddesses in Religions: Read marked passages (RB)

Tuesday April 17

 1) The female body in Ancient Greek Medicine (Antigone Georgiou)
Shadows: Dee/Jen Morgan
Readings: Packet entitled "Women's Bodies…"
 2) Birth Control and Contraception (Lareina Lattimer)
Shadows: Amber/Erin
Readings: Packet entited "Contraception"  3) Witchcraft and magic (Abby Just)
Shadows: Mary Linn/Aly Barker

Readings: The following Websites:

Thursday April 19

 1) Women in the Entertainment Industry (Ali McMahan)
Shadows: Antigone/Marie Therese
Websites:  (Mainly look at Roles of Women &
Women in the Audience)

WCW:  270, 280-81, 305, 349-50
WLGR:  119, 128, 129, 286-316

On reserve (I will be putting them on reserve Monday the 16th):
Bieber:  History of the Greek & Roman Theater
            Pp. 8-9, 43, 86-107, 159, 165, 198-99, 236-38
Eatsterling:  Cambrige Collection of Greek Tragedy
            Pp. 26-31, 61-66, 103-110
Ferris:  Acting Women
            Chapters 2 & 3
Wiles:  Greek Theater Performance
            Pp. 66-68, 142, 159
Winkler:  Nothing to do with Dionysos?
            Pp. 63-96

 2) Roman Prostitution (Jennifer Wood)
  Shadows: Carrie/Erin

Packet entitled "Prostitution" (RA)

 3) Agrippina Minor, Mother of Nero (Molly Bloom)
Shadows: Mary Linn/Andrew

Packet entitled "Agrippina" (RA)

Tuesday, April 24

 1) The Revolt of Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni (Grace Camblos)
  Shadows: Eric/Andrew
Packet entitled "Boudicca" (RA)
 2) Dido, from Virgil to today (Marie-Therese Mudd)
  Shadows: Amber/Crystal

Packet entitled "Dido" (RA)

Christopher Marlowe's _Dido, Queen of Carthage_. Here are two links to on-line versions:
- this one may have to be accessed through the swem lion on-line catalogue, but i'm not sure.
 3) Images of the Gods in ancient and modern art (Sarah Ruhland)
  Shadows: Carrie/Stacy
Packet entitled "Art" (RA)

Thursday, April 27

 1) Gallia Placidia (late Roman empress) (Carrie Zirkle)
  Shadows: Eric/Emily
 2) Egeria's Pilgrimage to the Holy Land (Halima Alkisswani)
  Shadows: Molly/Emily
 3) Women in Islam and ancient parallels (Betsy Robinson)
  Shadows: Halima/Antigone
Packet entitled "Women in Islam"(RA)