Your class work will be graded on a percentage basis (0-100). When your final grade is figured, according to the formula listed on the original course outline, your numerical score will be converted to a letter grade based on the following scale:

			93-100 = A
			89-92 = A-
			85-88 = B+
			81-84 = B
			77-80 = B-
			73-76 = C+
			69-72 = C
			65-68 = C-
			61-64 = D+
			55-60 = D
			below 55 = F

Should a student fall between the cracks, that is, accumulate an average of, say, 92.3, the instructor will consider such factors as attendance, class participation and semester-long improvement in determining whether to award the higher (A) or lower (A-) grade. The instructor's decision in such cases is final and not open to debate. Final grades in general, once recorded and sent to the registrar, will not be changed for any reason, except in cases of demonstrable errors in recording or calculation.