(Latin 201/203)

May 13 - June 28, 1996
Instructors: W.E. Hutton & M.T. Jones

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Course Description: The Department of Greek, Latin and Ancient History and the Faculty of Continuing Education at the University of Calgary will be offering a six-week intensive course in elementary Latin during the University's Spring Session (May 13 - June 28, 1996). The course is designed to introduce students as rapidly as possible to the reading of actual Latin texts. It will be of most interest to those who need a reading knowledge of Latin for their research and those who want a quick way to gain the background necessary for study of Latin at a higher level. At the end of the course students will have covered the most essential features of Latin grammar and will have acquired significantly more experience in actually reading Latin than is normal for a regular sequence of first-year courses.

This course will be available both in a traditional classroom setting at the University of Calgary campus and over the internet for those who are unable to come to Calgary.

PLEASE NOTE: All students are asked to keep in mind that this is an intensive course. It will require a significant commitment of time over the entire six weeks of the course. We recommend that students do not undertake any other substantial responsibilities, such as other courses or full-time employment, while enrolled in the course.

Taking the course by Internet: The internet version of the course will be conducted roughly like a correspondence course, with the added benefit of things that the internet is uniquely capable of supplying: rapid communication with the instructor and a rigid schedule of assignments and exams which will help keep the student's nose to the grindstone.

The instructors will post by e-mail a schedule of assignments for each section of the textbook. Students will send their work by e-mail to the instructors. All work received by the due date for each assignment will be corrected and returned to the student by e-mail. After the due date answer guides will be posted for all assignments so that students can correct any work that the instructors do not. Test and quizzes will be sent out at specific, pre-scheduled times to be completed (open-book) and turned in by e-mail within a specified period.

At fixed times during the week the instructors will be sitting by their computers for electronic office hours. At these times students can send queries to an instructor and be assured of a rapid response. Questions received from students at other times will also be responded to as soon as possible.

Students wishing to take the course by internet are responsible for arranging, maintaining, and paying for internet access with a local internet provider in their area. Students are also responsible for learning how to perform basic e-mail operations that will be necessary for their participation in the course, including how to compose, edit, save, print, send, receive and reply to e-mail messages.

Taking the Course in a Classroom: For students who choose the traditional classroom route; this is where and when we will meet:

There are no specific hours when students taking the course by internet will be required to be logged on. In other words, internet students can choose their own hours for doing classwork.
Academic Credit: Students who pass the course will receive credit for Latin 201 and 203 (first- and second-semester Latin) at the University of Calgary. Transfer credit can be arranged with the approval of the student's home institution.

	Required Text:
		G. Morgan, The Fourth Skill
			(Provided by the instructors)

	Optional Texts:
		N. Goldman & L. Szymanski, English Grammar for
			Students of Latin.

		Cassel's Latin and English Dictionary
			(or any respectable Latin dictionary)

The required textbook will be provided to each student by the instructors for a cost of $10. Students in Calgary will find copies of the optional texts in the University Bookstore. Students outside of Calgary must arrange to order copies of optional texts through a local bookstore in their area.

Tuition and Fees:
All amounts in Canadian Dollars
Canadian Students:
	Course Fees:			$580 
	Compulsory General Fees:	
		Student Union:		$16.75
		Recreation:		$8.80
		Donation:*		$7.00
	Textbook:			$10.00
	Application fee:**		$35.00
	Total:				$657.55

Students who are not Canadian citizens or Landed Immigrants, and who plan to come to Calgary to take the course on the U of C campus, must pay a differential fee in the amount of $580 in addition to the fees listed above (for a total of $1237.55). Students who take the course by internet are exempt from this fee.

*Students may opt out of this donation to the University's fund- raising campaign.

**This Application fee is required only for first-time applicants to the University of Calgary

How and When to Apply:
STUDENTS IN CALGARY: Continuing and unclassified students at the University may register using the University's touch-tone telephone registration system. (Unclassified students must meet with the Registrar's Office to obtain approval and a student identification number BEFORE using the telephone registration service). Deadline for registration and payment of fees is MAY 14, 1996.

STUDENTS FROM OUTSIDE CALGARY: Unless you are planning to continue your studies at the University of Calgary beyond the summer, you should register as an Unclassified Student. Contact the instructor for the appropriate application form. Students planning to come to Calgary from outside Canada will also need to obtain a Student Visa from Canadian Immigration authorites. Contact the Canadian Consulate nearest you for information on obtaining a visa. Deadline for registration and payment of fees is MAY 14, 1996. If you are registering by mail, allow plenty of time for the snails of Canada Post to make their appointed rounds.

INTERNET STUDENTS: If you plan to take the course by internet, you should also register as an Unclassified Student. Contact the instructorfor the apporpriate application form. Since essential course material, including the required textbook, will have to be sent to you by mail, an earlier application deadline is necessary. Applications must be RECEIVED BY APRIL 24, 1996. If you are concerned that you will be unable to meet this deadline, contact the instuctor as soon as you can.

MAKING PAYMENT: Students taking the class in Calgary can pay the fees (as listed above) by cash, check or money order at the Registrar's office or at any branch of the Bank of Montreal. Students paying the registrar's office directly should omit the $10 charge for the textbook, which can be paid to the instructor in class. Internet students should send a check or money order for the amounts listed above (including the $10 textbook charge) to the instructor, along with the application form. The preferred currency of payment is the Canadian Dollar, but payment will be accepted in US dollars at the current rate of exchange. Consult a newspaper or your local bank for the rate of exchange on the day you make your payment. Minor fluctuations in the rate will be absorbed by the University.

How to Contact the Instructor: For additional information and/or application forms, contact Dr W.E. Hutton by any of the following media:

phone:	403-220-5070

post:	Department of G.L.A.H.
	University of Calgary
	2500 University Drive, NW
	Calgary, AB T2N-1N4

fax:	403-284-0848


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