>Translate to English:
>efficiam ut non te paeniteat consulatus mei (consulatus -Us: consulship)

I will make it that you do not regret my consulship.

>paenitebitne Caligulam vitae suae?

Will Caligula regret his life?

>Cicero dixit se paenitEre irae contra Caesarem

Cicero said that he regretted his anger against Caesar

>Translate to Latin:
>I regret my plan.

me consilii mei paenitet

>The Romans will regret this war

Romanos huius belli paenitebit

>Do you know anyone who would regret his own life?

Scisne aliquem quem vitae suae paeniteat?

>Here's what Horace says about his father, a freed slave:
>[non] me paenitet patris huius.

I do not regret this [sort of person as a] father 

>1. hortatus es ut epistulas publicarem.

You urged that I publish letters (jussive noun clause/ind. command)

>2. superest ut alias epistulas requiram.

It remains that I (for me to) seek out other letters.
(generic noun clause)

>3. aliquid enotabam ut plenas ceras reportarem

I was making notes on something so that I could bring back full tablets.
(purpose).  OR
I was making notes on something so that I brought back full tablets.

>4. licebit ut libros feras

It will be permitted that you (for you to) bring books
(generic, or perhaps slightly jussive, noun clause)

>5. tam longA, tam iniquA valetudine conflictabaur, ut vita morte vinceretur.

He was assailed with such a long and such an undeserved illness that life was overcome by death (result).

>6. tantos dolores sustinebam ut hostibus meis superessem.

I was enduring such great pains so that I might survive my enemies.

>7. quomodo accidit ut apud istum latronem cenares?

How did it happen that you were dining at that SOB's house

>8. vinum in tribus lagunculis tuli ut potestas eligendi esset.

I brought wine in three flasks so that there would be opportunity
of (for) choosing.