Using CLST 211 Programs in:
ACS Micro-Lab (Ground Floor, Library Tower),
and in General Studies Micro-Lab (SS 203)

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I.To Use Programs in the Library Tower
    Lab Hours:  Same as the Library's Hours

A. Packard Bell Computers (PC-Compatible):
     1. If the computer is not on, follow instructions posted by the computer
     2. From the main menu screen, select option 6 (Courseware Packages)
     3. From the next screen, select option 8 (Classics 211 Software)
	for the optional practice exercises, or 9 (Classics 211 Practice
	Quizzes) for the requred practice quizzes; from this point the
	programs should work just as they do in the Tri-Faculty lab.
     4. When you are finished, exit the program (hit ESC for the
	optional exercises or ALT-X for the practice quizzes), and at the
	prompt type "menu".  This wil return you to the main menu and leave
	the computer ready for the next user.  Do not turn off the computer.
B. Macintosh Computers:
     1. NOTE: The Required Practice Quiz programs are not yet
	available on Macintosh computers.
     2. You should only use the CLST 211 programs on the newer
	(Power Macintosh) computers.  The programs do not work well on
	the older computers.
     3. Using the mouse, double-click (push and release the mouse
	button two times in rapid succession) on the icons labelled as
	followed, or until the icon labelled "Sciterms" is visible:
		--VOL 1
		--Instructor Supported Software
		--CLST 211
     4. When the icon labelled "Sciterms" is visible, double-click on
	it to start the program.  The program will look somewhat different
	from the program in the Tri-Faculty lab, but it contains the same
	exercises.  The biggest difference in working with it is that you will
	have to use the mouse to press "buttons" that will have to take you
	from one part of the program to another.  If you need help operating
	the program, see your instructor.

II. To Use Programs in the General Studies Micro-Lab:
	Lab Hours (as of this printing): M-F 10 AM - 5 PM
	1. Leave your ID with the lab supervisor
	2. Choose any unoccupied computer.  Enter your name and your
		student ID when the computer prompts you to do so.  
	3. From the main menu screen, choose option 2 (Computer Assisted Learning) 
	4. From the next menu screen, choose option 4 (G.L.A.H.)  
	5. From the next menu screen, choose option 1 (CLST 211
		Exercises) or 2 (CLST 211 Practice Quizzes); from this point the
		programs should work just as they do in the Tri-Faculty lab.  
	6. When you are finished, DO NOT TURN OFF THE COMPUTER.  When you exit the
		program you are working on, the menu screen will return.  Enter "L" to
		logout from the computer.  
	7. Don't forget to pick up your ID when you leave.