Quiz #2 Unofficial Answer Key

A CARUNCLE is: A small, fleshy outgrowth
A chemical which is secreted prior to the production of milk is: PROLACTIN
A FORMICIDE is a chemical made to: Kill ants
A part of the body that is covered with hair might be called: PILIFEROUS
A PONTICULUS is: A small body of tissue that acts as a bridge or connection
A small net-like structure: RETICULE
A small shield-like plate: SCUTELLA
ACINIFORM means: berry-shaped
An inflammation of the spermatic cord can be called: FUNICULITIS
Another term for the Anglo-Saxon language is: Old English
DUCTILE means: Capable of being drawn into thin sheets or wire
Feeding on fish: PISCIVOROUS
Feeding on roots: RADICIVOROUS
Full of, or covered with, excrement: FECULENT
"Gustatory organs" are also known as: Taste buds
GUTTULATE means: Having small droplet-shaped protuberances
Having a looped shape: ANSOID
Having a short beak: BREVIROSTRATE
Having a slightly saw-like appearance: SUBSERRATE
Having the shape of a small cushion: PULVILLIFORM
INNERVATE: To form part of the network of nerves that serve part of the body
INTERCRURAL means: Occurring between the legs
INTRAURAL means: Located within the ear
Lacking scales: ESQUAMATE
Located between the ribs: INTERCOSTAL
Located next to a rib: JUXTACOSTAL
Located next to the bladder: JUXTAVESICAL
Located outside of the eye: EXTRAOCULAR
Located outside of the womb: EXTRAUTERINE
On which of the following dates was ANGLO-SAXON the predominant language in Britain: A.D. 700
Pertaining to both sides: AMBILATERAL
Pertaining to or affected with a disorder which forms greasy lesions on the skin: DYSSEBACEOUS
Pertaining to the period prior to childbirth: PRENATAL
PRURIENT means: Characterized by an excessive interest in sex
SUPERCILIOUS means: Scornful, haughty or disdainful
SUPERJACENT means: lying above
Tending to prey on other animals: PREDACIOUS
The BASE in the word COMPLICATE means: Fold
The base in the word CONCISE means: Cut
The BASE in the word INTERCAPILLARY means: Hair
The base in the word RODENT means: to gnaw
The BASE in the word SUPPOSITORY means: to put
The FIRST suffix in the word ENCAPSULATE means: little
The FIRST SUFFIX in the word EXTRAVASCULAR means: Little
The PREFIX in the word AVERT means: away
The PREFIX in the word DORSAD means: Toward
The PREFIX in the word EFFERENT means: out
The PREFIX in the word PELLUCID means: through
The SECOND PREFIX in the word DYSREFLEXIA means: Back
The SUFFIX in the word SUSPENSORIUM means: Means of
To ELUCIDATE means: To clarify
To PREVARICATE means: To tell lies
TORTUOUS means: Complicated
VIVIPAROUS means: Giving birth to live offspring
Which of the following authors wrote in Middle English: Geoffrey Chaucer
Which ... ushered in the period of Middle English: The Norman conquest of Britain in 1066 A.D.
Which of the following is NOT a possible example of assimilation: ab + FECT becomes AFFECT
Which of the following means "tending to dwell in trees"?: ARBORICOLOUS
Which of the following statements is NOT possible: They are all possible
Which of the following words originally meant to fall head-first: PRECIPITATE