Introduction to Latin Prose
Fall, 1999

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ANNOUNCEMENT!!! I came back into town yesterday evening (Monday) to find the WM mail server was down, so I couldn't send you your exercise answers like I promised. It's still down, so, in hopes that somebody out there is checking the Web occasionally, I've put the answers up HERE. If you need to get in touch with me do it by phone (221-2993-leave message) rather than e-mail. See you this afternoon, and I hate computers!!.


How to sign up for the class e-mail discussion group

Dale Grote's Study Guide to Wheelock's Latin

Paul Barrette's electronic exercises for Wheelock
On-Line Lewis & Short Latin Dictionary (from the Perseus Project)

Translations and other materials relating to Pliny's letters

Compiled by Harry Walker

A bewebbed listing of vocabulary from Wheelock (Compiled by Claude Pavur)

Electronic Reserves

Nuntii Latini: Today's News in Latin!

Sites for studying the Ancient World