About Clst 211 Computer Programs

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The computer programs for this class are installed in three
computer laboratories: The Tri-Faculty Lab in SS 018-020, the Social
Science Micro-Lab in SS 203 and the Micro-Lab in the ground floor of
the Library Tower.  Current hours for these labs will be posted in the
lab itself.  All but the Tri-Faculty lab are open most hours of most
days.  The Tri-Faculty lab is also open for many hours during the day,
but is occasionally booked for classroom use and unavailable for
drop-in computer use.

In the Tri-Faculty Lab, in which you will probably already have been
oriented to the programs, all our programs can be accessed from any
computer.  They are housed in the G.L.A.H. directory (G.L.A.H. stands
for Greek, Latin and Ancient History, the name of our department)

To read about how to access the programs in one of the other labs, see
the document How to Use the Programs in Other

Here is a brief description of the programs available.  All except (3)
are available in each of the three labs.  (3) is available only in the
Tri-Faculty lab.

	1) PRACTICE QUIZ program.  A set of 12 exercises which are
required and which will be counted in your final grade.  This will
constitute the "Computer exercise" component of your grade as listed
on the Course Outline.  You must make a score of 75% or better on each
one of the quizzes to receive credit for that quiz.  You may re-take
each one as many times as necessary in order to attain this score.
You must also enter your student ID number properly (six and only six
digits--no spaces, dashes, periods or slashes) when the computer
requests it in order to receive credit for your work.

	2) A set of 40 Practice and Review programs designed to
accompany the lessons in your textbook.  You are not required to use
these programs, but they are highly recommended as a means of drilling
yourself and reviewing course material.  You can obtain copies of
these programs on floppy discs for use on both IBM-compatible and
Macintosh computers elsewhere.

	3) A copy program to allow you to copy the Practice and Review
programs (2) onto a floppy disc for use in your home computer (see below).

	4) A program that displays the records of your work on the
required PRACTICE QUIZ program.  Start the program, enter your Student
ID where indicated, and use the mouse to click on the bar labelled
"display high scores".  Your highest percentage for each quiz
attempted will be displayed.  NOTE: only the quizzes you have attempted IN
programs in the three labs do not communicate with one another.

{Temporary NOTE: This program is currently operating improperly.  Do
not be concerned; it does not affect the proper recording of your
work.  Efforts are underway to fix the program (5/17/96)} 


	For IBM-Compatible computers: The exercise programs will run
on almost any IBM-compatible machine.  A hard disc drive onto which
you can copy the programs is highly recommended.  To obtain the
programs, you need to bring blank discs to the Tri-Faculty Lab during
open lab hours.  Start the program entitled "Copy Clst 211 Program."
The computer will tell you what to do from that point on.  The number
of discs you need depends on the sort of discs you have, as the
following table shows:

	Type of disc:			Number needed:for all 40 lessons:
	High-Density (HD) 3.5 inch		2
	High-Density (HD) 5.25 inch		3
	Double-Density (DD) 3.5 inch		5
	Double-Density (DD) 5.25 inch		9

	For Macintosh Computers: Bring two blank 3.5 inch discs
(High-Density OR Double-Density) either to the instructor or to the
supervisor of the Tri-Faculty lab during the hours listed above.
Write on the discs your name and Student ID number, and indicate what
kind of Macintosh Computer you have (Plus, SE, LC III, etc.).  After
48 hours you will be able to pick up your discs from the instructor,
either in class or during office hours.

Downloading Programs From the World Wide Web: Both the Macintosh and
the PC-compatible versions of the program can be downloaded from the
The instructor's home page at the following address:


Follow the link for CLST 211, and select the option "Download CLST 211
programs" and follow directions.

NOTE: Only the Exercise and Review lessons are available to be copied.
The PRACTICE QUIZ program can only be used in the Computer Labs listed