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I275 IKRIA:(1) Straight wooden boards,(2) or the planking of a ship. Also the benches of the theatres, which were in the assemblies as well. For they were seated upon boards. Before the theatre existed, they bound together wooden boards, and in this way they took their places as spectators.(3) As Aristophanes says in Thesmophoriasuzae: "As soon as they come in from the benches, they look suspiciously at us."(4) And they used to place projections of wooden boards upon half-finished constructions,(5) and, after affixing wooden planks (ikria) to them, they would contrive crossings by means of them.



1. See also entries AI35 Aigeiros; AI357 Aischulos; P2230 Pratinas.

2. Literally, "wooden things."

3. Literally, "and thus they watched."

4. Lines 395-396; in context, "the benches" (ikria) clearly means "from the theatre."

5. Literally, "down from the half-finished things (?)"


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