W. E. Hutton
Department of Classical Studies, College of William & Mary

Office: Morton 326
Office Hours: on leave Fall 2003; call or e-mail for an appointment
Phone: 757-221-2993 Fax: 757-221-2133
e-mail: wehutt@wm.edu


Material for Spring 2002 Courses

Note: complete hypermaterial for these courses can be found at http://blackboard.wm.edu/

Material for Courses

Note: more up-to-date material can be found at http://blackboard.wm.edu.  If you can’t find what you want there let me know.


You will find no dazzling graphics, no eye-popping animation, no nifty gadgets on my web pages. This is because there are a significant number of people out there who suffer from pentium deficiency, hypobaudosis, hypomnesia interna, achromatopsia monitoralis, lynx erythematosus, mac-plus dependency and other challenging conditions of the information age. The next time you have to wait thirty minutes for a page to download just because the owner thought it would be really cute to put a picture of his puppy on the page, please send the owner a message requesting that he have some regard for the differently-configured.

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